Adult Day Services – All in for Ability

Deanna was a teenager when her brother Jerome was born; she and her older brother were not sure how a new baby in the house would change their lives, but they quickly grew to love him. It was Deanna and her mom who realized that Jerome was not meeting some developmental milestones; after evaluations, they learned that he has autism. After high school, his family knew that he needed an option for day services where he would be challenged and engaged each day.

Jerome has been attending adult day services for over 9 years. Deanna is now his primary care provider and she is secure in knowing that Jerome is well cared for and is an active participant in his own life.

“There are some things that Jerome would not be able to do if it hadn’t been for Easterseals Crossroads. I don’t think he would be to the point where he could pick out his clothes, take his medicine on his own or fix his food. And I don’t think he would exercise without Crossroads working with him,” said Deanna.

Deanna feels good knowing that she is not the only person looking out for Jerome. She feels that Jerome is part of a community of support where he has grown, gained confidence and become more independent.

“He has great relationships with his friends and the staff. Everybody looks out for everybody else,” said Deanna.

Lean more about Adult Day Services.

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Children’s Therapy Services – All in for Ability

Beth is 8 years old; she loves books, climbing, music and games that light up. When Beth was 6 months old, her parents contacted their physician when they noticed that she was not reaching some developmental milestones. Beth has microcephaly, which means that her brain has not grown at a typical level.

“I feel that parents should trust their own instincts. When something feels wrong, there is just no downside to getting an evaluation,” said mom Kelly.

Beth is nonspeaking and she receives speech therapy at Easterseals Crossroads where she is learning to use a two-button communication device to express her wants and needs. Eventually, her parents would love her to use a device to communicate the more difficult things such as her thoughts and her feelings.

Occupational therapy is another service that Beth receives as she has generalized muscle weakness. Her parents want her to be as independent as possible and they appreciate the wraparound services that we offer in addition to therapies. Beth has attended our summer camp programs, and she has benefitted from our assistive technology lending library to borrow various communication devices.

“When we come to Easterseals, it feels like everyone is all in for ability. The building is set up for her access with everything she needs. Everyone is always happy to see us; we feel really welcome,” said Kelly.

As Beth grows, her family can count on us for programs and options that will grow with them.

Learn more about Children’s Therapy Services at Easterseals Crossroads.

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Protect your Data! It’s Valuable!

Orange bar with colorful circles and words Cyber Chat with Jane Harper Information and Security Risk Expert along with her photo

hosted by Jane Harper, an information security and risk expert

About Jane
Jane is an information and security risk expert, a member of our Easterseals Crossroads Board of Directors and a published author. Additionally, Jane serves on the board of the National Cyber Security Alliance, and she works actively with them to help everyone stay safe online.

She is passionate about information security for all and she is excited to share some tips to help keep us safe online, compliments of NCSA. Every other month, Jane will share some key facts, stories and tips regarding online security.


No matter whether you’re a pro influencer or a newbie with three followers, you need to think about cybersecurity and protecting your personal data while using social media, even if you don’t post often. Here is how you can keep your account secure, enjoy your online social life, and ghost any scammer that slips into your DMs!

Prize your Personal Info

We want everyone out there to be snobby about sharing their personal data – there is nothing rude about it! Your data is worth billions to social media companies, but you can control what is collected. Your personal data is valuable; treat it like cash!

Check your Settings

Even if a social media app or website never asks you for data, you should assume it is still collecting it. Routinely (every month or so) check your settings and ensure everything fits within your comfort level.

On mobile devices, social media apps might ask for you to give them access permissions at all times, but you don’t have to agree. Here are some default settings you should usually turn off, unless needed:

  • Camera – off
  • Microphone – off
  • Location – off
  • Sync contacts – off

Enable MFA

Multi-factor authentication (MFA), sometimes called two-factor authentication or two-step verification, requires anyone logging into an account to prove their identity multiple ways. MFA makes it extremely hard for hackers to access your online accounts, even if they know your password.

Passwords: Think Long, Strong, Unique

Each social media accounts should be protected by an awesome password with these three guiding principles in mind:

  • Long: Every one of your passwords should be at least 12 characters long.
  • Strong/Complex: Each unique password should be a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters (like >,!?).
  • Unique: Each account needs to be protected with its own unique password. Never reuse passwords.

Share with Care

Be cautious about how much personal information you provide on social networking sites. The more information you post, the easier it may be for a hacker or someone else to use that information to steal your identity, access your data or commit other crimes such as stalking. Also, think about who can see your social media musings – most platforms allow you to limit who can see or engage with your posts if you don’t know the whole world to know your business.

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Meet Jenny – Recreational Therapy Highlight

Meet Jenny. She has been receiving recreational therapy services for the last year at Easterseals Crossroads with Gina Schulz, CTRS, Manager of Therapeutic Programs. Recreational Therapy is a process that utilizes recreation and other activity-based interventions to address assessed needs of the individual as a means to psychological and physical health, recovery and well-being.

Lady using a wheelchair and bowling


Jenny has been working hard to set and reach her goals over the last year. She works along side Gina to set her own recreation therapy schedule to include tasks and activities that she enjoys and that get her out and a part of her community. Being a part of the community is one of the goals she values most when it comes to being an active part of her rec therapy program. Some of her favorite community visitations happen at the park, bowling alley, the zoo, shopping, and even a cat café!


Jenny has many physical goals she is working to reach as well. Some of these include working to improve fine motor skills and strength in her hands. Her primary focus is the weakness and limited mobility in her right side. Baking, playing games, exercising, and painting are great ways that Jenny works to improve these motor skills along with coordination and overall muscle tone and strength. Jenny was initially hesitant to engage in walks or use her right-side during these activities, but over the last year she has started to engage these targeted areas and see progress!


“I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Jenny as she is a bright light in my day. She is always excited for recreation  therapy and has a smile on her face. She has a great sense of humor and is very witty. Working with Jenny reminds me of why I fell in love with Recreation Therapy,” state Gina, Jenny’s rec therapist.


Jenny also has a supportive family unit helping her work hard towards these goals and make it possible for her to see Gina for recLady sitting beside a catreational therapy. “Jenny looks forward to working with Gina on the days she is at Crossroads,” says mother, Georgia.  “She especially likes the baking sessions and smiles with pride after she is able to do it.  I think she has gained confidence that she can accomplish something.”

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