Published On: December 1, 2023

Beth is 8 years old; she loves books, climbing, music and games that light up. When Beth was 6 months old, her parents contacted their physician when they noticed that she was not reaching some developmental milestones. Beth has microcephaly, which means that her brain has not grown at a typical level.

“I feel that parents should trust their own instincts. When something feels wrong, there is just no downside to getting an evaluation,” said mom Kelly.

Beth is nonspeaking and she receives speech therapy at Easterseals Crossroads where she is learning to use a two-button communication device to express her wants and needs. Eventually, her parents would love her to use a device to communicate the more difficult things such as her thoughts and her feelings.

Occupational therapy is another service that Beth receives as she has generalized muscle weakness. Her parents want her to be as independent as possible and they appreciate the wraparound services that we offer in addition to therapies. Beth has attended our summer camp programs, and she has benefitted from our assistive technology lending library to borrow various communication devices.

“When we come to Easterseals, it feels like everyone is all in for ability. The building is set up for her access with everything she needs. Everyone is always happy to see us; we feel really welcome,” said Kelly.

As Beth grows, her family can count on us for programs and options that will grow with them.

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