Published On: December 4, 2023

Deanna was a teenager when her brother Jerome was born; she and her older brother were not sure how a new baby in the house would change their lives, but they quickly grew to love him. It was Deanna and her mom who realized that Jerome was not meeting some developmental milestones; after evaluations, they learned that he has autism. After high school, his family knew that he needed an option for day services where he would be challenged and engaged each day.

Jerome has been attending adult day services for over 9 years. Deanna is now his primary care provider and she is secure in knowing that Jerome is well cared for and is an active participant in his own life.

“There are some things that Jerome would not be able to do if it hadn’t been for Easterseals Crossroads. I don’t think he would be to the point where he could pick out his clothes, take his medicine on his own or fix his food. And I don’t think he would exercise without Crossroads working with him,” said Deanna.

Deanna feels good knowing that she is not the only person looking out for Jerome. She feels that Jerome is part of a community of support where he has grown, gained confidence and become more independent.

“He has great relationships with his friends and the staff. Everybody looks out for everybody else,” said Deanna.

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