Published On: December 14, 2022

You might recognize Theo as part of our Stronger Together campaign a few years ago! Theo still receives speech therapy services at Easterseals Crossroads, and we wanted to catch up with him and see how his journey is going.

Theo has been working with his speech pathologist Brittnie since January of 2021. She has seen him achieve numerous goals in the time he has been with her. Theo is now working on more challenging language and speech sound goals. “We hope to improve his overall intelligibility of speech and work on higher-level language tasks that will help within his academic setting,” mentions Brittnie.


Theo also receives speech therapy at his school building in a small group setting and Brittnie mentions the importance of open communication between parents, school therapists and herself. “I only see Theo for 45 minutes every other week during the school year. It is vital to know how Theo is doing with his speech and language skills outside of the speech therapy room,” says Brittnie. “This maximizes his progress and ensures carry-over of his skills across settings.”


“We truly work as a team, this is a partnership with one goal; to see Theo thrive and succeed,” says mom, Allison. “We compare IEP plans and goals from school with Brittnie in order to make sure we are all working on complementary tasks and goals.” Theo’s family has witnessed the benefit of small group setting in school in addition to individualized one on one sessions at Easterseals Crossroads.

“Theo is such a hard worker. He is extremely motivated to develop his skills and always puts forth his best effort. When new skills are targeted, he never gives up, and will continue to try until he is able to complete all tasks presented,” Brittnie points out.  “He is a happy and easy-going kiddo. He is always willing to work on anything I ask him to work on and is always glad to participate during speech therapy sessions. Because of this engagement, he continues to make awesome progress. It is truly a pleasure to work with Theo and I look forward to seeing him each week.”