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Easterseals Crossroads is the premier provider of services for individuals with disabilities and special needs. Emphasizing the ability of our consumers is the very heart of what we do each and every day as we help our families live, learn, work and play.

These videos tell just some of the stories of the people with whom we work to maximize their independence.


Audrey was born with arthrogryposis multiplex congenital, which affects her muscles and her joints. She works with our therapists at Easterseals Crossroads to help her walk more independently, thus increasing her confidence to do more things on her own.


Richard is a veteran with a service-related disability; he used our services to help find employment as a veteran service officer where he now assists other veterans with benefits and employment


Ashley wanted to learn to drive, but with her learning disability and anxiety, she and her mom were concerned about the process and obtaining a license. After working with our driver evaluation and training staff for many months, and with the extra time she and her mother spent practicing, she obtained her license.


Bonnie used home modification services at Easterseals Crossroads to help her remain independent in her home. Because of her multiple sclerosis, her ability to use her bathroom as independently as possible was difficult. We helped to make her home more accessible for her.

Our Stories – 2016


Tiki participates in adult day services at Easterseals Crossroads. She works on improving and maintaining life skills with household chores, handwriting and socialization. Every day provides opportunities for learning and fun.


Nine-year-old Tionne is not a fan of sitting still. Tionne works with therapists at Easterseals Crossroads and is making great progress towards her goals.


Ford attends CampAbility during the summers and Parents’ Night Out events throughout the year. Easterseals Crossroads has been a great support team for Ford and his family.


Terry has used services from Easterseals Crossroads at various times during his working career to help him be as independent as possible.


Chris is a young family man who developed a tumor on his spinal cord. Once removed, he was paralyzed from the waist down. Chris knew he needed to get his life back on track as soon as possible and that included learning (a new way) to drive so that he could be independent.


Kayla sustained a traumatic brain injury when she was 1 1/2 years old. Doctors told her family that she would not be able to walk; it was a huge hurdle, but hard-working Kayla is now walking and learning to communicate.

Our Stories – 2015


Josiah was diagnosed with Noonan syndrome; at 8 months of age, he began early intervention services. He has made tremendous progress and his family feels that early therapy services are the reason why.

 Delbert and Sue

Delbert is a US Army veteran who faced unemployment. With help from Easterseals Crossroads, he is working at a job he loves.

Sue – also a US Army veteran – experienced hurdles with employment, but sought assistance from Employment Services and is now so grateful to be at a job where her excellent work skills have contributed to her success.

Our Stories – 2014


Evelyn is a multi-skilled worker at Crossroads Industrial Services – a division of Easterseals Crossroads where she has been employed for over three years. She takes great pride in doing her job well and contributing her skills where they are needed, which makes her a very versatile employee.


Spencer visits Easterseals Crossroads weekly for physical therapy. Typically he comes with his dad Spencer and they both come to work; therapy is not easy and both Spencers take it very seriously. Their goals are to improve strength, balance and coordination so that Spencer can walk longer distances more quickly.

Our Stories – 2013


Boubacar is originally from Niger; he received services from Project SEARCH / Indiana – a program for final year high school students with developmental disabilities available through the collaboration of Easterseals Crossroads, Community Health Network, Vocational Rehabilitation, Indiana University Institute on Disability & Community, Indianapolis Public Schools and MSD Lawrence Township. Boubacar obtained employment through Project SEARCH at Community Hospital North in the surgery center where he now feels at home with his new “family” of coworkers and supervisors.


Liam is the son of Lesley and Brandon Hummel. At four months of age, Liam’s pediatrician noticed gross motor delays, head tilting and a flat spot on his head and recommended that Brandon and Lesley contact First Steps. Easterseals Crossroads physical therapists began working with Liam when he was four months old on neck stretches and later moved to exercises designed to improve core strength and balance. Today, Liam is running, jumping and playing; he will transition into school when the time comes. Lesley states, “Easterseals Crossroads made all the difference; you can tell when people love their jobs!”

Our Stories – 2012


Due to complications at birth, Zackery has had multiple surgeries in his young life.  Zackery has cerebral palsy and he utilizes services at Easterseals Crossroads to help him with his physical abilities and communication skills.

Zackery’s mom Ella loves seeing him excited about the progress he is making.  She states that “Easterseals Crossroads knows how to build on Zackery’s strengths” and emphasize his abilities.


Jeremiah is four years old; he was diagnosed with autism one year ago.  Since then, Jeremiah’s mom Brittnaye has utilized occupational therapy, speech-language therapy and behavioral services at Easterseals Crossroads.


As a child, Nick faced serious obstacles that resulted in multiple surgeries including a procedure to implant shunts to relieve pressure on his brain. Nick participated in summer programming at Easterseals Crossroads as a child.

Once Nick graduated from high school, his mother called Easterseals Crossroads for support. Nick worked with his job coach until they found the right match.

Our Stories – 2011


Alex came to Easterseals Crossroads in 1995 after being diagnosed with developmental expressive apraxia, which had been caused by a mild stroke during birth. Prior to coming to Easter Seals Crossroads, Alex’s parents were told that he would never be a candidate for attending a traditional school, but David and Erin never gave up hope.

Alex thrived with the services provided by Easterseals Crossroads, where he received occupational and speech therapies. In May 2011 Alex graduated from Roncalli High School and he has been accepted at the University of Indianapolis where he will study physical therapy.


Maddie came to Easterseals Crossroads when she was 3 years old in 2006 with the diagnosis of congenital hydrocephalus. Maddie worked with physical therapists to increase her strength, balance and coordination. Maddie also worked with occupational therapists to improve her fine motor and visual motor skills.


Peter came to Easterseals Crossroads in 2008 while he was in high school; his teachers and his vocational rehabilitation counselor wanted to help Peter with his job possibilities beyond high school. Peter is a young man with autism who is also legally blind.

After working with Peter to learn more about his interests and skills, his employment consultant Jennifer Shaw helped him find a job in food services with Aramark on the campus of Butler University.