Published On: August 17, 2023

With our current flourishing American stock market, a unique opportunity for philanthropy has resulted that not only benefits investors but also makes a significant, positive impact on the community. With stocks reaching elevated valuations, many investors are finding themselves in possession of highly appreciated assets. In this scenario, donating stock to mission-driven organizations like Easterseals Crossroads, an Indianapolis-based not-for-profit dedicated to serving individuals with disabilities, emerges as a powerful way to give back. Below are some benefits of donating stock to Easterseals Crossroads to create a ripple effect of positive change.

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Create Meaningful Change

Easterseals Crossroads supports individuals with disabilities and their families. By donating appreciated stock, you become an integral part of their mission to provide crucial services, resources and advocacy. Your contribution can help fund therapy sessions for children, assistive technology and vocational training for adults and ultimately empower individuals with disabilities to lead fulfilling lives as they contribute to society in meaningful ways.

Strengthen Personal Connections

When you donate appreciated stock to Easterseals Crossroads, you become part of a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for making a difference. Through events, updates, and shared accomplishments, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with fellow supporters and witness the tangible outcomes of your generosity.

Build a Stronger Community

Easterseals Crossroads is deeply rooted in the Indianapolis community, fostering connections and building a support network for individuals with disabilities. By donating stock, you contribute to the strength of this community, helping to create an environment where everyone is valued and empowered.

Align Values with Action

Easterseals Crossroads is dedicated to creating an inclusive society where individuals with disabilities can thrive. By donating stock, you align your values with action, showing your commitment to social responsibility and equal opportunities for all. Your support goes beyond monetary value; it’s a testament to your belief in a more inclusive and compassionate world.

Maximize Impact through Tax Efficiency

Donating appreciated stock to Easterseals Crossroads not only supports a noble cause, but could also offer strategic tax advantages for you. When you donate stock that has appreciated in value, you can potentially avoid capital gains taxes that would be incurred if you sold the stock outright. This means that the full value of your appreciated stock can go towards the mission of Easterseals Crossroads, allowing your generosity to have a more significant impact.

Diversify your Philanthropic Portfolio

Just as diversification is a key principle in investment, diversifying your philanthropic efforts can lead to a well-rounded impact. By donating stock to Easterseals Crossroads, you create an additional channel for giving that complements your existing charitable activities. This diversification ensures that you’re addressing a variety of societal needs and causes that resonate uniquely with you.

Simplify the Giving Process

Donating appreciated stock may seem complex, but with the guidance of financial professionals and the expertise of Easterseals Crossroads, the process can be straightforward and rewarding. The organization’s team can provide the necessary information and resources to ensure a seamless transition of your donation, allowing you to focus on the positive impact your gift will make.

Leave a Lasting Legacy

The act of donating appreciated stock to Easterseals Crossroads has the potential to leave a lasting legacy. Not only will your generosity positively affect the lives of individuals with disabilities today, but it can also inspire others to follow suit. Your contribution sets an example of compassionate giving and encourages a culture of philanthropy, creating a ripple effect that extends far beyond your initial donation.

Your donation can transcend financial markets and create a lasting positive impact on the lives of individuals with disabilities. By supporting Easterseals Crossroads, you not only unlock the power of your investments but also the power of kindness and compassion that can transform lives and uplift the entire community.

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