Published On: March 20, 2023

Joe is an administrative assistant in the employment division at Easterseals Crossroads and has been since 2020. Joe is a terrific addition to the team and the position has been a perfect fit for him.

image of Joe with colorful circles and words meet Joe

Joe obtained his college degree in telecommunications from Ball State University. After graduation, he struggled in finding a position that was fulfilling and challenging for him; he wanted a position that would provide him the opportunity to use his skills and education.

He qualified for vocational rehabilitation services and was referred to the employment division at Easterseals Crossroads to help him discover a good career match. Bottom line was that Joe wanted a position in an office with traditional working hours and paid time off for holidays and vacation; he also wanted to feel valued and appreciated for his contributions.

Prior to connecting with services from Easterseals Crossroads, Joe had been looking for employment on his own, but he was not getting the job offers he wanted. He was becoming discouraged. Although he held a position stocking merchandise in a store, he was concerned about the physical demands of that job as he aged.

When employment staff members began working with Joe, they were impressed with his motivation and willingness to work. An administrative position opened and Joe applied; he has excelled from day one and has proven himself as an asset to the entire organization.

I like my job at Easterseals Crossroads because it is challenging. I receive a lot of praise and compliments for my work, which makes me feel very appreciated. I take pride in my work and have been given additional responsibilities over time, which keeps it interesting and provides continued professional growth,  said Joe.

Employment programs at Easterseals Crossroads assist individuals with disabilities of all ages in finding careers that are aligned to each person’s interests, stills, education and ability. We work with young adults as they transition to employment and adults at any point when career plans have altered because of a change in ability.

We are so fortunate to have Joe as a member of our employment and Easterseals Crossroads team. His strong work ethic, positive attitude and high level of efficiency have made all our lives easier, said Marjorie Duryea, director of employment programs at Easterseals Crossroads.

With a wide variety of job candidates available for employment in a diverse range of industries, Easterseals Crossroads can be a go-to source for vetted and qualified individuals who will contribute greatly to the workforce. Not only will companies be expanding their diversity, equity and inclusion goals, their immediate employment needs will be met with highly-skilled workers.

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