Published On: November 21, 2022

George and Geofferey are mom Frankie’s miracles and little angels. When Frankie was seven weeks pregnant, her husband was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. He knew Frankie was pregnant, but passed away before he learned that she would have twins.

When the boys were 15 months, Frankie began to see signs that Geofferey’s development might be delayed and a few months later saw signs with George. She learned that both boys did have autism.

The boys have been involved in autism and behavior programs at Easterseals Crossroads ever since. They are now 5 years old and just graduated from early childhood classes; they are ready socially and academically for kindergarten and their futures.

“Parents of children with autism don’t always know the right thing to do. Having a team has meant all the difference — it has made me realize that I am not alone. I don’t have to be afraid of things that are different because they are different for the better,” said Frankie.

 Having boys with autism didn’t bring negativity into my life; it brought light. I have learned that you accept your life and you create your story. And with Easterseals Crossroads as a part of my story, it will have a much better outcome for George and Geofferey, said Frankie.

Watch the brief video below to learn more about George and Geofferey.