Published On: March 14, 2022
image of two people in interview with words employment services for businesses

For businesses who want to diversify their workforce, we can help! At any given time, we provide employment services to approximately 300 individuals with disabilities who are seeking meaningful career opportunities. This means that we can match a company’s needs with our qualified candidates and respond with dependable, motivated applicants at absolutely no cost to the business.

There are many benefits for businesses to recruit candidates from Easterseals Crossroads.

First and foremost, we will only refer a candidate if we truly believe they are a good match for the position and company. We make every effort to clearly understand the job requirements and expectations, as well as the company culture. We want to set up both the job seeker and the business for success. We have a great deal of information about each person we serve and can carefully vet candidates who are a strong match.

We can assist with the interview process. We can assist with any necessary accommodations and help the candidate complete pre-employment screenings and forms. If a sign language interpreter is required for the interview, we will set this up, and the cost will be paid for by our funder.

We can provide job coaching and support when needed after a hire. We also provide support to the supervisor as needed in how best to train the new employee, and we can provide disability awareness training as appropriate. If the new employee needs any accommodations to meet the essential functions of the job, we will work with the business to put these in place. If there are accommodations that require the purchase of assistive technology, these costs are typically covered by our funders for individuals we refer. We continue to provide support throughout the first four months of employment; our support can be on-going when needed to facilitate job retention.

We can help you meet your diversity, equity and inclusion goals. We provide services to a wide range of individuals in terms of ability, disability, experience, education and age. Many of our job candidates are first time job seekers who have completed transition training and/or internships to better prepare them for their first job. Another group of qualified candidates include those who have obtained education or training to qualify them for a new type of desired career. Since disability can happen at any point in a person’s life, many of our candidates are responding to a career change because of an accident, injury or illness. Our qualified candidates are primed and ready for a first position or they are prepared to reenter the workforce in a new capacity.

We can be your employment partner. We will work collaboratively with a business throughout the interviewing, on-boarding, and training process to make it a success. If a candidate we refer doesn’t work out, we will also support an employer in ending the employment relationship. Every employee is entitled to the opportunity to succeed or to fail as an employee; people with disabilities are no different in that basic assumption.

The final benefit is that all of our services are FREE to businesses. There is no down side to working with us to meet your employment needs. We are an excellent resource to employers in our community, and we are committed to facilitating employment matches that are good for both the employer and the employee. We have been a resource for over 85 years, and we know that businesses in our community can benefit from our knowledge and expertise in helping fill employment needs.

“We would love businesses to consider our participants for all their open positions! While many of our job seekers are looking at first time employment and entry level jobs, we do work with those who have work history and experience that will qualify them for more advanced positions. The best way to work with us is to find a way to share all job openings. We can then pre-screen our job seekers and refer as appropriate.'” said Marjorie Duryea, director of employment programs at Easterseals Crossroads.

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