Published On: April 1, 2022

Lucas was diagnosed with autism before his second birthday and has been working with autism specialists for three years. Now six, he is learning to communicate and make friends in addition to learning his colors, numbers and letters – all amazing things according to his mom Mary.

At Easterseals Crossroads, our autism and behavior specialists work with families to create effective treatment plans tailored to meet individual needs. Lucas has been involved in our early childhood classes where he learns to connect with his peers, socialize, communicate, play with others, learn with classmates and develop.

Together with our clinicians, families learn how to incorporate beneficial behavior plans that will prove helpful at school, at home and in later life.

“I feel like Lucas is a new kid. When we started here, he was in his own world – he would rock back and forth and not make eye contact. Now he has learned to be in the world with other people,” said Mary.

Mary is a social worker, but still learns more about autism and available services every day since both of her children have autism. “Reading the books about autism is one thing, but having someone with experience guide you is best. Easterseals Crossroads helps our family every step of the way,” said Mary.

Mary spoke about her experiences with Easterseals Crossroads on March 24 with Nikki DeMentri from WRTV – watch the clip below.

Easterseals Crossroads provided 8,658 autism services to 740 children and young adults last year.

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