Published On: September 11, 2023

The Homeless Veteran Reintegration Program (MVRP) at Easterseals Crossroads has begun its 10th year in providing solutions for veterans who are experiencing homelessness. Our mission within the program area is to provide training options, employment opportunities, resource connections and other community necessary supports.

Each year we serve 100 people in this program and we provide information and options to many other veterans within central Indiana. We hold stand down events, resource fairs and other veteran-centered events regularly.

Who we Serve

We have three criteria to qualify for services from the HVRP program. First, the participant must be a veteran. Minimally, this means the individual must have completed one day of active duty not including training. Those who served in the National Guard or Reserves must have been deployed on Title 10 orders. If a National Guard or Reservist has obtained a disability rating through the VA, they are eligible without a deployment.

Second, an individual must be experiencing homelessness. Homelessness in the broader sense encompasses everything from living in a vehicle to staying with friends or family. This also includes a veteran who might be getting assistance with rent/mortgage through another organization, whether community-based, faith-based or a government assistance program.

Finally, an individual must be seeking employment opportunities. We work with veterans who are driven and committed to an employment goal. We will partner with our veterans who qualify for the program and will will be there to assist at all levels within the employment search.

The veterans we serve range in age from 21 through 75 plus years of age.

How we Serve

Once a veteran is committed to the program, we provide case management, individualized support and training resources based on needs. We actively assist in job seeking and we have some dedicated community partners. We work on skill building, networking, skills presentation and more. We provide employment-supportive services, which can include the purchase of work clothes, bicycles and gas cards to assist in obtaining and maintaining employment. This extra service makes our program unique in the veteran community.

Our staff has almost 50 years of combined experience in workforce development and case management with all populations. We pride ourselves on being highly organized, motivated and goal-oriented. Many of our staff are veterans themselves and we understand the challenges that service members face.

Veterans need to know that it is okay to ask for help when coming home. I honestly feel that when you’re at the door at Easterseals Crossroads, your help is just one step away.

~Deanna, Army Veteran and HVRP Participant

Who Benefits from HVRP

Employing veterans who have served our country and who are experiencing homelessness benefits our community. Veterans have proven to be highly skilled, dedicated, driven and loyal employees. Once a veteran completes our program, an employer can be assured that we have pre-screened and prepared this person to rejoin the workforce.

We will continue to work with a veteran who has been gained employment as well. Our relationship can continue as long as there are goals to achieve and needs to be meant on the job.

Who to Contact for Information

Veterans can call our office at 317.466.o000 to speak with one of our career coaches to discuss eligibility for the HVRP program. Veterans can also complete this form and it will be directed to a career coach.