Published On: October 9, 2023


The main goal in our children’s therapy program is to provide children with outstanding occupational, physical, speech and developmental therapy services. We offer options for services in our clinic for all children regardless of insurance/financial situation and we are one of approximately 40 agencies throughout the state who offer First Steps services.  First Steps is the state program for children birth-age two who demonstrate a need for services in a home or community based option.

Our  clinics are currently serving approximately 150 people per week and we hope to provide over 7,000 therapy sessions and evaluations throughout the year. Our First Steps therapists provide over 200 therapy sessions per week.

We exist to for families to support their children’s growth and development so that they can be as successful as possible in life.

Who is Eligible for Services

For families who are interested in First Steps services, an assessment team will determine if a child meets eligibility criteria. Easterseals Crossroads is an agency who can accept referrals and provide therapists within Marion and Hamilton counties for First Steps Services and parent/caregivers can choose us as their provider. First Steps services are available for children from birth through age two.
For our clinic services, we can see children who demonstrate a delay in their fine motor, gross motor, feeding, sensory or speech and language skills. Our therapists perform evaluations to determine if therapy services would be appropriate for a child and then recommend a course of action/treatment. Our clinic provides options for children who are generally 18 and under but can see individuals who are 22 or younger if they are in school and our materials are appropriate.

What Makes our Children’s Therapy Services Unique

At Easterseals Crossroads, we grow with a child in our ability to provide therapy and options for families. Not only do we offer occupational, physical, speech and developmental therapy, we also provide augmentative and alternative communication assessments/treatments as well as specialized treatment for individuals with feeding challenges. If a child can benefit from an augmentative communication device, our assistive technology department offers a lending library option so that parents/caregivers can try a device to see if it meets a child’s needs before purchasing.

Our wrap-around options include our extensive summer camp program with six different camps from an overnight, week-long option for individuals with autism to several day-camp possibilities. On a weekly basis, we offer respite options for families who want to explore an evening (or day) out activity. We are dedicated to our families, and we take great pride in offering meaningful opportunities that make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

More Information

For clinical services at our north (Keystone Avenue) location, parents/caregivers can call 317.466.1000 and ask to speak to our clinic admissions specialist for our Keystone location. For the south (Thompson Road) location, please call 317.782.8888. Those interested in First Steps should call 317.557.BABY.

Information for any service can also be accessed by contacting us.