Published On: September 23, 2016

image of Easterseals Crossroads logos since 1950s

Easterseals Crossroads has been a vital resource for 80 years. Throughout those years, we have responded to community needs with our programs and services for adults and children with disabilities, special needs and challenges.
We started in 1936 with a club of 12 teenagers with disabilities who formed a social group. The group formally organized in 1939 under the leadership of the Indiana Society for Crippled Children and leased a building at 30th and New Jersey streets. A curative workshop was established to prepare persons with disabilities for jobs in the community. In 1956, the organization moved to a newly built two-story structure at 3242 Sutherland Avenue, and in 1958, became an affiliate agency of the United Way of Central Indiana.
Our Easterseals affiliation came years later in the late 1980s followed by a physical move to our current main location at 4740 Kingsway Drive. We maintain this facility, along with two others – our Industrial Services division at 8302 East 33rd Street and our south location at 3215 East Thompson Road.
Our “look” has changed over the years in addition to our physical location. When we affiliated with Easterseals, we adopted the Easterseals logo, which was a blend of the national organization’s integral icons – the lily (introduced in 1952) and the seal (incorporated later because it captured the appeal of the signature fundraiser and namesake for Easter Seals).
In May of this year, our national organization introduced a new philosophy, brand and architecture to be adopted by all 70+ affiliates within the next 2 years. This new look is accompanied by our affirmation as the leading disability service provider locally and nationally – and we are taking on disability together as a national effort.
At the beginning of November of this year, Easterseals Crossroads will sport the new look and we are excited to be part of this national effort to change the way the world defines and views disability. While we may look different at the beginning of November, be assured that we continue to hold the best interests of our consumers, donors, volunteers and partners at the very core of our service delivery.