Children’s Therapy

young boy reading with speech therapist

We help families with children ages birth to 18 years with developmental delays or disabilities achieve maximum levels of independence. Vital outpatient programs that include occupational, physical and speech-language therapy help children grow, develop and thrive.

Easterseals offers a free, comprehensive online screening tool to keep track of your child’s growth and development during the first five years. Learn more about the Ages and Stages Questionnaires.

Payers. Easterseals Crossroads accepts private payment, most commercial insurance and Medicaid plans, as well as other funding sources such as Children’s Special Health Care Services.

Referral Sources. Children may be referred to Children’s Therapy Services by anyone, including a parent or physician. To make a referral, contact us or call 317.479.3246.

Occupational Therapy

girl writing with occupational therapist

Our occupational therapists work with children and their families to maximize their ability to participate in activities at home, at school, and at play.  Using play, sensory, visual, and motor activities we can help you help your child to improve their skills in bathing, dressing, toileting, sensory processing, handwriting, fine motor, and visual motor tasks.

Our therapists can also assist families in obtaining adaptive equipment such as adaptive utensils, splints, and play equipment; as well as sensory items such as weighted or compression vests and noise-canceling headphones.  We work with your child’s therapists from Early Intervention or the school system to provide a continuum of care to best facilitate growth for every child.

 SPEECH-LANGUAGE THERAPYyoung boy on swing with therapist

Speech-language therapy services focus on helping your child learn and develop skills in understanding language (receptive) and communicating their wants and needs to others (expressive).  Speech-Language Pathologists are also specially trained to treat swallowing and feeding problems.

Our therapists evaluate your child’s abilities and work with you to develop an individualized plan to help them grow in their communication and feeding skills. We also coordinate with your child’s Early Intervention or school therapists to provide more effective care.

For those who need it, Augmentative and Alternative Communication is a very specialized program offered within our Speech-Language Therapy services.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy for children helps build muscle strength and flexibility, improve coordination and balance, and develop the control needed for movement. Our therapists evaluate your child’s motor abilities and then work with you to design a plan to develop motor skills that are important for their success at home, school, and in the community.  We also assist children and families in obtaining adaptive equipment such as orthotics, walkers, standers, gait trainers, wheelchairs, and other items, if needed.

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