Community Day Supports

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Community Day Supports are available for individuals with developmental or special needs and can include adult day services, respite, individual community habilitation (CHIO), personal assistance care (PAC) ore recreational therapy.

Adult Day Services/Customized Life Skills

Adult Day Services and Customized Life Skills are blended social and medical models of day services for adults 18+ years of age with developmental or acquired disabilities. We meet the needs of all consumers in a safe, supportive environment. Programs are offered at two locations:  Kingsway Drive and East Thompson Road.

Adult Day Services

Supervision and assistance with activities of daily living are provided by skilled nursing staff members. Social and skill building activities such as group exercise, memory strengthening activities, current event lectures/discussions, games, creative expression, pet therapy, computer literacy, skills training/education and scheduled outings are offered.

Customized Life Skills

Curriculum based activities such as household maintenance, relationship skills, personal safety, basic employment skills and community skills are offered.

General Information

Meals – A catered, hot lunch that meets the medical and nutritional needs of the participants is provided.

Hours – We offer Adult Day Services and Customized Life Skills Mondays through Fridays, from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Community Services

Community Services for children, teens and adults with developmental disabilities or special needs offer various activities  in the following categories:

Individual Community Habilitation (CHIO)

Social and educational experiences to engage individuals in community activities such as visiting museumstwo adolescent girls outside, participating in art classes, attending sport events,  attending local fitness facilities, visiting a park, etc., are available through Individual Community Habilitation. Teens and adults can gain employment/resume skills, explore career options and participate as volunteers in the community.

Workplace Personal Assistance

Individuals who are competitively employed and need assistance with personal care at the workplace in order to work a full day benefit from Workplace Personal Assistance.

Recreational Therapy

Recreational therapy is an all encompassing option designed to develop physical adaptations and social / leisure skills.

General Information

Community Services are available daily with hours based upon individual needs. Individuals participating in Community Services will benefit from a ratio of one-to-one assistance.

Recreation Therapy

Recreation therapy is an all encompassing option designed to develop physical adaptations and social/leisure skills. It can be used as a tool to improve gross and fine motor skills; develop and enhance social skills; expand cognitive skills; promote health and wellness; and encourage positive recreation and leisure skills.

Recreation therapy can be enjoyed by adults, teens and children as most people can benefit from the types of physical activity that recreation therapy can encourage. Some examples of activities that might be enjoyed in the community include horseback riding, swimming, adaptive sports, music, gardening, art, yoga, playground play and more.

Recreation therapy services are delivered by qualified professionals with training and education in therapeutic recreation. Our therapists are nationally certified through NCTRC (National Council of Therapeutic Recreation Certification) as Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists.

Our therapists can provide initial skills assessments and annual re-assessments to determine that needs are being met. We provide development of individualized treatment goals, objectives and methodology as well as consultations for organizing, directing and adapting recreation and leisure activities. We can also provide interventions within the participant’s home or a community setting. Quarterly progress reports and participation in interdisciplinary team meetings assure that good communication is maintained.

Recreation therapy can be added to Medicaid waivers, approved waivers include Family Support Waiver (FSW) and Community Integration Habilitation Waiver (CIH). Private pay options are also available.

For more information about community day options, contact us.