Speech & Hearing Resource Center

In partnership with Easterseals Crossroads, Hear Indiana operates the Speech & Hearing Resource Center, a state of the art facility to meet the needs of Hoosier children with hearing loss and their families.

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The Speech & Hearing Resource Center is a one-stop shop that offers:

  • pediatric audiology services
  • listening and spoken language therapy
  • parent INcouragement and care coordination
  • consultative services to local education agencies
  • a resource library and more

Hear Indiana

Hear Indiana empowers and supports children with hearing loss who listen and speak. Over the past 45 years, Hear Indiana has helped thousands of children with hearing loss achieve their full potential.

Hear Indiana provides hope, education, advocacy, and resources to support families and professionals through three main initiatives:

Gift of Sound

Research shows that children who receive early intervention (before six months of age) have an excellent chance of obtaining age appropriate language skills by the time they enter first grade. Hear Indiana wants to ensure that every baby and child who needs hearing aids will be able to receive them, regardless of income level.

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Listening & Spoken Language Camp

Each year, Hear Indiana Camp gives children and teenagers with hearing loss the opportunity to make new friends with shared life experiences.Research shows our program significantly improves campers’ feelings of social acceptance and quality of life.

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