boy riding trike with assistance of therapist

Behind the Scenes with Ryder

Ten-year-old Ryder has made strides toward independence. Ryder has worked with physical, occupational and speech therapists at Easterseals Crossroads for seven years. Ryder was born at 38 weeks. Doctors suspected that there would be some difficulties, but did not diagnose Fraser syndrome until several years later. Everyday life for the family includes ventilators, oxygen tanks… Read more Behind the Scenes with Ryder

woman practicing handwriting skills

Behind the Scenes with Rachel

“Rachel was diagnosed with her disability as a child after recovering from meningitis,” said Rachel’s sister Georgena. As part of a close family, Georgena looks out for Rachel. “I’m many things to Rachel. I’m her sister; I’m her direct support staff; I’m her legal guardian. I’m her good friend and I handle her finances,” said… Read more Behind the Scenes with Rachel

image of adults having fun at a cheer event

CHEER Celebrates Thanksgiving

Article and photos submitted by team lead Katy Everhart CHEER is our monthly respite program for individuals with disabilities who are 18+ years old. While participants enjoy fun activities with peers, family members and primary caregivers are able to enjoy some time to themselves out in the community or relaxing at home. Earlier this month,… Read more CHEER Celebrates Thanksgiving

image of Tara with a participant in adult day services

Meet Tara

Tara Vajner, Manager of Adult Day Services North, Easterseals Crossroads Tara is our manager of the adult day program at our north location. Tara is an LPN and she has worked in a variety of settings from urgent care to pediatrics to long-term care. “Easterseals Crossroads is by far the most rewarding and fulfilling job… Read more Meet Tara