Vital programs that help people live independent lives

Autism and Behavior Services

Gale, Tracy, PsyD, HSPP | Director, Autism and Behavioral Services
Badeaux, Emmaleigh | Family Supports Coordinator
Bastin, Brooke | Licensed Clinical Therapist
Brown, Hallie | Care Coordinator
Diller, Kaitlyn | Behavior Specialist
Fisher, Bonnie | Resource Specialist
Gerth, Addison | Behavior Technician
Giffel, Laura | Licensed Clinical Therapist
Jungemann, Sarah | Registered Behavior Technician
Lowery, Carmen | Family Supports Coordinator
Moreau-O’Donnell, Andrea, PsyD, HSPP | Neuropsychologist
McGinn, Ashley, PhD, HSPP | Licensed Psychologist
O’Neal, Erica | Licensed Clinical Therapist
Prior, Austin | Behavior Technician
Saunders, Nicole | Admissions Specialist
Shoemaker, Kayla | Licensed Clinical Therapist
Stellema, Courtney | Behavior Technician
Veteto, Karrie | Behavior Analyst
Williams, Piniece | Registered Behavior Technician

Children’s Therapy Services

Armstrong, Theresa | Speech Language Pathologist
Bailey, Erin | Speech-Language Pathologist
Beyer, Kristi | Occupational Therapist
Bibeau, Chantal | Speech-Language Pathologist
Brinegar, Kathleen | Physical Therapist
Crisp, Loren | Speech-Language Pathologist
Downer, Amy | Speech-Language Pathologist
Dupree, Brenda | Admissions Specialist
Floyd, Sherry | Director, Children’s Medical Services
Garvin, Emily | Admissions Specialist
George, Sara | Speech-Language Pathologist
Herring, Raynell | Speech Language Pathologist
Holcomb, Dana | Manager, Children’s Therapy Services
Kanzler, Hayleigh | Speech-Language Pathologist
Kelley, Karen | Admissions Specialist
Kistner, Alison | Lead Occupational Therapist
Maloney, Teri | Occupational Therapist
Mayer, Erin | Speech-Language Pathologist
Muir, Kat | Speech-Language Pathologist
Myers, Victoria | Speech-Language Pathologist
Napier, Tyler | Speech-Language Pathologist
Orem, Lisa | Administrative Assistant/Admissions Specialist – South
Proimos, Deanna | Physical Therapist
Staab, Emily | Occupational Therapist
Tekulve, Kellie | Occupational Therapist
Toon, Macy | Occupational Therapist
Zagzebski, Mary | Speech-Language Pathologist
Zimmerman, Sarah | Speech-Language Pathologist

Community Day Supports

Baldwin, Alysia | Manger, Adult Day Services South
Barnette, Alesha | Recreation Therapist
Brewer, Ruth | Community Mentor
Bulger, Molly | Community Mentor
Byrd, Jodeci | Community Mentor
Campbell, Lindsey | Recreation Therapist
Doyle, Meghan | Community Mentor
Ealy, Latoireann | Certified Nursing Assistant
Forester, Kim | Services Coordinator
Gama-Reynosa, Becky | Certified Nursing Assistant
Gray, Donna | LPN, Adult Day Services
Haines-Gallagher, Grace | Community Mentor
Johnson, Robin | Certified Nursing Assistant
Jones, Adrienne | Community Mentor
McQueen, Amanda | Lead Program Assistant
Meagher, Jenny | Community Mentor
Miers, Wendy  | Director, Community Day Supports
O’Neal, Bethany | Community Mentor
Reid, Emily | Community Mentor
Schulz, Gina | Manager, Therapeutic Programs
Vajner, Tara | Manager, Adult Day Services North
Viles, Brittni | Certified Nursing Assistant
Wallace, Allison | Community Mentor
Weber, Jenny | Recreation Therapist
Wells, MaryKaye | Community Mentor
Wilcher, Scott | Certified Nursing Assistant

Deaf Community Services

Alka, Jennifer | Community Support Specialist
Baker, Hannah | Certified Staff Interpreter
Dove, Melissa | Case Manager
McFarland, JerriAnn | Office Manager
Pickering, Mary | Case Manager
Ritchie, Stephanie | Director
Tribby, Janna | Certified Staff Interpreter

Home Modification Services

Kelly, John | Home Modification Coordinator
Kistner, Alison | Occupational Therapist

Social Work

Hutson, Meghan | Medical Social Worker


Resources and training that help people learn in order to grow, develop & thrive

Assistive Technology and INDATA Project

Alviar, Alvin | PC-ReUse and Distance Education Assistant
Amber, Justin J. | Equipment Loan Specialist
Anderson, Josh | Manager,Clinical Technology
Becker, Lisa | Assistive Technology Technician
Burns, Craig | Mobility / Cognition Team Lead
Carter, Steve | Equipment Assistant
Castillo, Tracy | ReUse Technician
Frye, David | Assistive Technology Specialist
Leung, Anna | Assistive Technology Specialist
Medcalf, Laura | Social Media Content Specialist
Norton, Brian | Director, Assistive Technology
Prieto, Nikol | Community Outreach Coordinator
Rinehart, James | Assistive Technology Technician
Smith, Belva | Team Lead, Vision Sensory
White, June | Administrative Assistant

Augmentative Communication Services

Strickland, Wendy | Speech Language Pathologist – Augmentative Communication Specialist

Driver Evaluation and Training

Follman, Mary | Occupational Therapist – Driver Rehabilitation Specialist
Henderson, Megan | Admissions Specialist
Pritchard, Suzanne | Occupational Therapist – Driver Rehabilitation Specialist

Early Intervention Therapy Services

Hargreaves, Katherine | Manager, Early Intervention Services


Employment options to prepare people to work to improve quality of life

Crossroads Industrial Services

Debruyn, Dan | Controller
Gary, Kathy | Accounting Bookkeeper
Gore, Jeff | Product Manager, Pkg & Assem/Safety/ISO
Gremling, Mary Jo | Manager, Crossroads Document Services
Hoffman, Steve | Product Manager,Fabrication/Shipping & Receiving
McIntosh, Crista | Document Services Project Manager
Roberts, Greg | Product Manager, NISH
Taylor, Gus | Product Manager
Traub, Anne | Manager, Human Resources

Employment Services

Amber-Meiser, Kathy | Benefits Planning Specialist
Arnold, Shelley | Employment Consultant
Back, Dwana | Manager, Pre-Employment Transition Services
Barrick, Leslie | Employment Consultant
Buchman, Alex | Employment Consultant
Cox, Jeff | Administrative Assistant
Cummings, Siera | Employment Consultant
Dickerson, Brandy | Retention Specialist
Duryea, Marjorie | Manager, Employment Programs
Fox, Keith | Project SEARCH Coordinator – East
Holdren, Robin | Employment Consultant
Hoskins, Angie | Project SEARCH Coordinator
Jones, Chelsea | Coordinator, Connect to Work
Kirk, Morgan | Employment Consultant
Lohman, Becky | BIN Liaison
Mance, Pam | Employment Consultant
Martin, Marlene | Employment Consultant
McVey, Suzanne | College Internship Development Specialist
Negri, Sheri | Employment Consultant
Papp, Karen | Career Coach, Pre-Employment Transition Services
Patterson, Brook | Employment Consultant
Pattison, Kelly | Project SEARCH Job Coach
Robinett, Erin | Employment Consultant
Shepheard, Echo | Employment Consultant
Stewart, Bethany | Career Coach, Pre-Employment Transition Services
Stinson, Theresa | Career Coach, Pre-Employment Transition Services
Tarr, Angie | Employment Consultant
Washburn, Nancy | Employment Transition Specialist
Whitehouse, Allison | Employment Consultant
Wood, Rhonda | College Internship Development Specialist

Military and Veteran Services

Baumgartle, Carolyn | Veteran Employment Specialist
Brown, Carolyn | Manager, Veteran Employment Programs
Goings, John | Veteran Career Coach
Hall, Alicia | Veteran Career Coach
Noga, Andrew | Employment Coordinator
Smith, Buzz T. | Veteran Resource Navigator


Activities that help families and children relax, engage and enjoy play

Respite Services

Albright, Carol | Respite Provider
Banks, Devin | Respite Provider
Blanusa, Tim | Respite Team Lead
Churchill, Jodi | Respite Provider
Fogo, Hannah | Respite Provider
Graper, Neva | Respite Provider
Greenawald, Kristyn | Manager, Camp & Respite Services
Hodson, Ellen | Respite Provider
Hornung, Cole | Respite Provider
Humbird, Sarah | Respite Team Lead
Keating, Tim | Respite Team Lead
Kimmell, Mallory | Respite Provider
Lewis, Jennifer | Respite Provider
Mann, Tori | Respite Provider
Napier, Tyler | Respite Provider
Polanka, Brittany | Respite Provider
Switalski, Jennifer | Respite Provider
Weber, Stacy | Respite Provider
Weisenbach, Abigail | Respite Provider
Woods, William | Respite Provider


Act so that Easterseals Crossroads remains a strong community resource


Burney, Shannon | Payroll Coordinator
Inman, Sara | Manager, Financial Accounting
Johnson, Tarayan | Billing Specialist
Qualls, Nicki | Bookkeeper
Richardson, LaDonna | Behavioral Billing Specialist
Ward, Shirley | Accounts Payable Bookkeeper


Danner, Angie | Director, Human Resources | Privacy Officer
Dietzen, Chuck  | Medical Director
Harris, Chablis | Receptionist
Sandy, Patrick  | President / CEO
Saunders, Susan | Chief Financial Officer
Schnaith, Bruce | Vice President, Workforce Development Services
South, Sara | Executive Assistant
Wingler, Wade | Vice President, Technology and Information Systems | Security Officer

Building Services

Bates, James | Maintenance Assistant
Berling, Mark | Maintenance Assistant
Blake, Dan | Manager, Maintenance
Cross, Kyle | Maintenance Assistant
Franklin, Michael | Maintenance Assistant
Kerr, Robert | Maintenance Assistant, South location

Marketing and Resource Development

Chambers, AnneMarie | Manager, Community Relations
Harris, Katie | Director, Design and Communication
Kersey, Devonna | Administrative Assistant
McFarlane, Elizabeth | Director, Corporate Partnerships
McIntyre, Abby | Media and Volunteer Coordinator
Preston, Ann | Director, Planned Giving

Information Technology

Krakora, Rick | Manager, Information Technology
Polivick, Linda | IT Support Specialist
Rattray, Adam | Database Manager
Rodriguez, Armando | IT Support Specialist