In-Facility Service Update

In order to maintain the health and safety of our staff, our consumers, our families, and our community, we are continuing our in-facility service suspension until May 26, 2020, because of the COVID-19 pandemic. At that time we will reevaluate our ability to make any changes with this decision.

While we have suspended in-facility services, that does not mean that we are not available for you, for your family and for our community. Many staff members are working remotely and can be contacted via email. If you do not know an email address of a staff member with whom you wish to communicate, contact our general agency email address and we will forward the message on.

Easterseals Crossroads is available for you. Count on us to continue to assist you with employment services and assistive technology solutions for home, work and school. Perhaps you are even an employer looking for qualified employees; we are still providing employment and technology solutions for employers in our community.

Recently one of our assistive technology staff members was able to provide a solution to help keep someone employed. A very anxious and concerned individual worked in a group home, but was struggling to find the right technology to see her computer screen. She contacted us and one of our employees was able to provide a remote intake to gather information and ultimately provide a solution. 

Thank you so much for this call. I have much anxiety right now with all that is going on. I never expected you to reach out at this time and certainly didn’t expect you to have a possible solution that might help. I just hope you know that this conversation is the best thing that has happened since the whole world got shut down.

– Assistive Technology Consumer

Easterseals Crossroads is available for your family. Count on us to provide pediatric physical, occupational and speech therapy, as well as autism and respite services.

One of our early intervention therapists had a very fun and creative telehealth session recently. Her appointment involved a young girl who is very excited about pigs; it just so happened that our therapist is a collector and equally charmed with pigs. She created a virtual scavenger hunt to find all the pigs in her house. This hunt elicited language, imitation, requesting and more. The girl’s mom used the strategies modeled in the scavenger hunt for a home activity with her daughter and reported that this was a huge success.

Easterseals Crossroads is available for our community. Our relationships with our partners, donors, friends, sponsors and volunteers allow us to strengthen our reach in providing services for individuals with disabilities. 

Project SEARCH is a collaborative transition program for final-year high school students. Along with our partners Community Health Network, MSD Lawrence Township, Indianapolis Public Schools, MSD Warren Township, Vocational Rehabilitation, and the IU Institute on Disability & Community, we provide training and employment solutions for students with significant disabilities. Students participate in a year-long training curriculum that includes intern rotations at Community Health Network hospitals.

This year’s classes were modified because of COVID-19, but interns are still participating in virtual classes with their peers and staff. During their class time they continue to work on employability skills. According to a recent class discussion, interns decided that turning a negative situation into a positive outcome could very well be the backbone that creates an individual’s character.

Employment readiness and employment are the desired outcomes of each Project SEARCH year, and this year is no different in that several interns have already achieved gainful employment as a result of their training period in Project SEARCH.

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