Deaf Services – Case Management

Through partnerships, we offer case management services for individual who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, have significant hearing loss and are at risk of becoming institutionalized or losing their independence due to communication barriers. This includes persons likely to be placed in an institution or nursing home; persons of racial and ethnic minorities or other underserved populations; and those in underserved geographic areas of the state.

Teaching Independence
We can teach individuals to independently use the internet, newspaper and housing magazines to obtain housing.

Creating a Budget
We can work with individuals to create workable budgets, making sure he/she understands and knows his/her income and expenses each week/month with the goal of managing a budget independently. This may include teaching an individual to:

  • independently write his/her checks to pay bills
  • be able to identify and contact one person (family, friend, partner, church) to assist him/her long-term to pay bills
  • contact collectors to create a re-payment schedule
  • contact SSI, SSDI, TANF programs, etc., in order to understand benefits

Managing Medications
We can work with individuals to create a system that allows him/her to independently manage medications including appropriate dosages.

Managing Appointments
We can help individuals gain independence in managing appointments, including scheduling, requesting accommodations and understanding how to schedule interpreters as needed.

Creating a Transportation System
We can assist individuals in creating a transportation system to enhance independence.

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