This is Bonnie

Remaining in one’s home is important for individuals with disabilities as well as for those who are experiencing age-related mobility changes. Home modifications can often help ensure safety and contribute to independence. We offer home modification evaluations so that individuals can remain confident, comfortable and independent in their homes.

Bonnie used home modification services at Easterseals Crossroads so that her bathroom would be accessible for her. “I have multiple sclerosis, which is a very progressive disease. It has gotten worse and my aides had problems getting me in and out of the bathroom. My case worker suggested we get in touch with Easterseals Crossroads to change the bathroom to help me,” said Bonnie.

“The main thing I do is evaluate homes to make them more accessible for individuals with disabilities. I spend time with a person to see what kinds of problems they are having and then I design an accessible solution. I work with both contractors and funding sources to make certain that the individual can use the new environment.” said John Kelly, Home Modification Coordinator at Easterseals Crossroads.

“Bonnie’s bathroom was quite small and she couldn’t actually enter the room. Her aide was parking her wheelchair outside of the bathroom door and physically carrying her through the door, which was not safe at all,” said John.

“I have had to learn what I can and cannot do; I cannot use my legs any longer, which is why the bathroom remodel was so important to me. Easterseals Crossroads has made my life so much easier in regard to remaining in my home,” said Bonnie.


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