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February 24, 2013
Business Lunch

nick springer playing rugbyNick Springer is a rugby player, aka Murderball.  Nick contracted a bacterial infection at age 14 during summer camp.  After he awoke from a medically induced coma, he found that both his arms and legs had been amputated; his legs from the knees down and his arms at mid-forearm.  Not only is Nick a Beijing and London medalist, he is currently a spokesperson for the National Meningitis Association and a consultant for Novartis.


emma preuschl rowingEmma Preuschl is a rower.  Emma was born with Erbs Palsy of the brachial plexus - a nerve injury - but it hasn't slowed her down one bit.  She was recruited for the US National Paralympic team in her final year at Purdue University.  Emma is a registered dietitian at GE Aviation.


Aligned with our Olympic theme, our emcee is WTHR-TV Eyewitness News Anchor and Health Beat Reporter Anne Marie Tiernon, who participated in the London Olympics coverage through NBC. 

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