Children's Occupational Therapy

We can help your child develop and adapt

Our occupational therapy can help your child with special needs develop skills to overcome child on ball with therapistsensory, motor and perceptual problems that affect daily life. Our occupational therapists develop and help parents implement exercises and therapeutic activities such as those related to feeding, self care, fine motor and visual motor skills.

Easter Seals Crossroads can assist children with  special needs in obtaining adaptive equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, standers, gait trainers and orthotics.

Handwriting Program for children ages 5-12

Let's Write is a specialty program offered within the pediatric occupational therapy department at Easter Seals Crossroads. It is designed to assess and improve a child's handwriting abilities for increased efficiency, improved legibility and decreased frustration at home and school. This program serves children with special needs 5 - 12 years of age who are experiencing difficulty with printing and cursive handwriting.

Children's Occupational TherapyThis program begins with an occupational therapy assessment of handwriting abilities. The therapist then develops an individualized, developmentally appropriate treatment program in order to improve handwriting legibility and any factors which may impact handwriting, such as grasp pattern, postural control, strength and visual motor coordination.

The number of sessions and length of each one-on-one session is customized to meet the unique needs of each child. Each visit includes fun activities designed to improve overall letter formation and handwriting legibility, as well as components related to handwriting skills. Home program activities and resources are offered at each session to ensure continued progress. Success in Let's Write often contributes to improved academic performance as well as increased confidence and self-esteem.

Let's Write classes are available at both of our locations.

For information about children's occupational therapy services, please contact us.