Katie Harris

Back to School Support Team

Easterseals Crossroads is your back-to-school support team for assistive technology, autism services, outpatient therapy, respite services and more! Assistive Technology  Our Assistive Technology Center is recognized nationally as a leader in assistive technology and is an excellent resource for those with disabilities who need specialized accommodations for school in order to increase independence. Learn more… Read more Back to School Support Team

Comcast Foundation Grant

New grant to help people achieve independence Easterseals Crossroads has received a $20,000 grant from the Comcast Foundation to collaborate with the Rehabilitation Center of Indiana on its Brain Injury Technology Education and Support Program to run a support group for people with traumatic brain injuries.  Members of the group have access to state-of-the-art equipment and… Read more Comcast Foundation Grant

Growth for Industrial Services Division

Pressure Switch Product Line Easterseals Crossroads has acquired A.J. Antunes & Co.’s Pressure Switch product line, bringing about a dozen jobs to the area and growing our Crossroads Industrial Services (CIS) arm in Indianapolis to have a more international impact. The Antunes Control product line we are acquiring is used in commercial boilers and HVAC applications and was… Read more Growth for Industrial Services Division

INDATA Project Celebrates Ten Years

Celebrating Ten submitted by Nikol Prieto In 2007 Easterseals Crossroads partnered with the State of Indiana- Bureau of Rehabilitative Services to establish The Indiana Assistive Technology Act (INDATA) Project. The INDATA Project is one of 56 similar federally funded projects designed to increase access and awareness of assisti­­ve technology. “The term “assistive technology device” means… Read more INDATA Project Celebrates Ten Years

Behavior Strategies for your Child

 Build your Parenting Toolkit Tracy Gale, PsyD, HSPP, and Emmaleigh Badeaux, BS Children’s tantrums can be challenging for parents. Tantrums can be triggered by the desire to obtain access to a favorite item, to escape a situation, to get attention or to meet a sensory need. Luckily, there are strategies for making such outbursts less… Read more Behavior Strategies for your Child

Better Speech & Hearing Month

Recognizing Speech-Language Professionals As May comes to a close, we want to thank our Speech-Language professionals who assist the many individuals in our community who are living with communication disorders. We thank our highly-skilled speech-language pathologists and professionals: Theresa Armstrong Erin Bailey Chantal Bibeau Hillary Brinson Loren Crisp Amy Downer Sara George Raynell Herring Hayleigh Kanzler… Read more Better Speech & Hearing Month

Resolving Sibling Conflicts

Tracy Gale, PsyD, HSPP and Emmaleigh Badeaux, BS One of the most common behavioral challenges reported by families is sibling conflict. Siblings live in close proximity, compete for limited resources, and may have rivaling goals, resulting in frequent conflict. Although such conflict is unpleasant for all involved, it presents an exceptional opportunity for children to… Read more Resolving Sibling Conflicts