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“Tiki is one of the happiest people I know,” said mom Sarilla. Staff in our adult day program agree; Tiki has been part of our Easterseals Crossroads family for 12 years. “When we began searching for day programs for Tiki, we asked opinions from many people; Easterseals Crossroads kept coming ups as the place to go,” said dad Tony.

Tiki works on improving and maintaining life skills with household chores, handwriting and socialization. “Tiki must use her skills or she loses them. Things like handwriting – if she doesn’t practice, she loses the ability to do this,” said Sarilla.

She has fun with friends and staff members at community outings, as well as when they participate in activities such as gardening and cooking; every day provides opportunities for learning and fun.

“The staff at Easterseals Crossroads are just like cheerleaders for Tiki; they give her the encouragement she needs and that is so important to us,” said Tondy. “Tiki has grown so much socially here and she has gained confidence. Safety is a huge concern for us with Tiki because she is very trusting, which could easily place her in a vulnerable situation. We know that she is safe at Easterseals Crossroads,” said Tony and Sarilla.

From traditional day services with meaningful activities to community services with opportunities to develop and improve life skills, we offer safe, caring and creative options.

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