Employment Options to Improve Quality of Life

Our employment options prepare people to work to improve quality of life. 

Terry first used services at Easterseals Crossroads in 1988; he participated in a computer programming course at a time when technology for individuals with disabilities was not widely available. Terry is visually impaired and uses assistive technology to access a computer.

Terry knew he needed to be prepared to maintain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving technology industry. He completed college and is currently employed doing what he loves as a computer accessibility consultant at IUPUI.

“When I was diagnosed with my eye disorder, my doctor told me that I would eventually be blind. He said what I did until then was up to me. I chose to move ahead and not look back,” said Terry.

Terry knows his vision will continue to change and he knows that Easterseals Crossroads will continue to provide employment and technology solutions to keep him as independent as possible at work.

“My inspiration comes from people with disabilities. Easterseals Crossroads and I began our relationship with the same thought that having a disability does not make a person disabled,” said Terry.

Watch Terry’s video story by clicking image below:

work banner with link to video


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